Is this FAAG's very first fashion collection? 

Yes! This activewear collection is our very first collection & collaboration in fashion history. To design activewear FAAG partnered with a NYC company, Print All Over Me, to develop a collection focused on swim, yoga, and retreat.

 I love the prints! Where do they originate?

FAAG worked with 2 artists, Melissa Staiger & Jason Baerg, to create colorful prints that originate from their artworks entitled: Expressions & Subway Buffalo. Print All Over Me was able to take these art prints and transform them into unique fabrications for design.

What is the inspiration of Melissa Staiger's art print "Expressions"?

Expressions births from a sensual experience. The artist uses her entire body to make sweeping marks that take her on a journey full of layered colors, structure, and hard edges. For details visit www.melissastaiger.com.

What is the inspiration of Jason Baerg's art print "Subway Buffalo"?

Subway Buffalo emerged from a series of paintings entitled Primary Manifestos. This abstraction pays homage to the land and water. The Americas are represented by the color red and the water is represented by the color blue. For more details visit www.jasonbaerg.com. 

What is PAOM?

Print All Over Me is a printing platform that transforms a print into a high quality bespoke creation. For more information go to www.paom.com

Will FAAG list more products for sale on www.faag.us?

Yes! Look for other products to launch on the FAAG site including art, music, and even books. FAAG will sale a variety of products for everyone to enjoy!

When will I receive my order from the activewear collection?

The collaboration is all custom-made with great care. Since each piece is uniquely custom it is created only when ordered, expect products to ship in 3 to 6 weeks. If you are outside the USA expect shipping to take a little longer.

Explain shipping?

All activewear standard shipping in the US is $10, outside the US, international shipping is a standard $25. On all activewear purchases any order over $150 is free; any other product sold on the site includes free shipping. 

Will all products sold on the site take 3 to 6 weeks to ship to customers?

Not all products will take 3 to 6 weeks to ship. Shipping of the activewear collection will cost a standard $10.  Any order of the activewear collection that totals over $150 will also include free shipping. Other products on the site will take less time to ship and include free shipping and taxes, all taken care of by FAAG.

Will I receive a tracking number?

Yes! After your order has shipped, the customer will receive an automated shipping confirmation email which will include a tracking number. The status of your order will be posted on your account. 

What if my order gets lost or stolen?

Sorry if your order is lost or stolen. FAAG cannot issue you a refund, but contact customer service and we can service you with a store credit. 

What if my order is delayed and arrives later than 3 to 6 weeks?

Sometimes an order is delayed due to image quality, missing shipping information, weather, customs, or another issue. In this instance, customer service will contact and update you.

What if I receive my order and don't love it?

We hope that you will love your order, but if you don't you have at least 30 days to return the product and in excellent condition to receive a store credit equal to the purchase amount. 

Explain refunds?

All items are custom made, unfortunately we cannot offer a cash refund. Once we receive your return we will issue you a store credit that will cover the cost of your order. 

Explain damaged or incorrect orders?

If you are concerned with the quality or have received the wrong product, please contact us providing an order# and a clear photo of the problem. We will contact you within 24 hrs. 

How do I contact FAAG?

Look within our About section, there we have listed our email shop@faag.us.